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Last year, Google started Mobilegeddon, a new indexing method that favors responsive sites in mobile search results. This month, they’re rolling out an update that increases the effect, omitting pages that are not easy to use on mobile devices and small screens.

Did not feel the impact the first time?

With the new fine-tuned algorithm you are highly likely to feel the pain and experience a significant loss in traffic and customers. The solution? Go responsive with the one our intuitive and highly complimented Responsive Site Designs. Dont get left behind your competition!

Myth vs Fact

It is a common belief that if a site can be seen on smaller screens, then it must be mobile-friendly. But that is a myth! The fact is a responsive site is one that can shift content and adapt the page layout to fit within the constraints of the viewer’s screen size. This way the content is always readable and accessible.

If you’re unsure your website fits the bill, Checkpoint Graphics offers a free service to test the status of your site. email or call 315-777-4000 or 585-563-9754

Seeing red on the results? Our staff and will be happy to address any questions you might have.

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