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Want to get attention? Have you ever thought of using a custom flag?

If you are just starting a new business or run an established business, you most likely know the importance advertising can play in your success.  Due to the extreme competition businesses are facing in these tough economic times, out advertising your competitors can be important strategies to ensure you maintain a steady flow of revenue.  While traditional advertising like radio, newspapers, and websites are quite viable solutions, they are often expensive and we all know that costs are a major factor in how much or how little we can advertise.

One solution to this problem is looking for unique methods of advertising.  One of these is through the use of feather flags.  Feather flags or feather banners are essentially flags in the shape of a feather that is securely attached to a base.  These flags provide numerous benefits over traditional flags and can be a great asset to your business for use in advertising.

You should consider using feather flags because:

They Are Inexpensive

Feather flags and banners are fairly inexpensive compared to other means of advertising.  Sure you have to get a custom flag made along with purchasing feather banner stands, but compared to the cost of a week-long radio ad, feather banners and feather banner stands are fairly inexpensive – especially considering the fact that they can be used for many years.  Due to their low cost, you can expect a great return on investment.

They Can be Used Indoors and Outdoors

Unlike billboards or other large scale print advertising, feather banners can be assembled on feather banner stands either indoors or outdoors.  This can be great if you own a large establishment and wish to draw attention to a specific location in your store.  It’s also great for outdoor use and can be easily taken down and transported back and forth making feather flags and feather banner stands quite versatile.

You Can Use Custom Images

Many print shops today have a wide array of printing tools at their disposal and as such, having a custom made banner flags is quite easy.  This can be a great benefit to a business looking to draw attention to a current promotion or sale they are having.  Furthermore, if you have more than one custom feather flag printed, you’ll be able to quickly and easily swap them out of the feather banner stands for even more versatility.

They are Effective

While many consumers are used to staring blankly at billboards and traditional flags, feather banners are unique in both their size and shape.  Uniqueness is one of the key components of grabbing a customer’s attention making feather flags great for promotional purposes.  To further ensure the effectiveness of your flags, have them printed in bright colors with bold images and text.  Also you should ensure that your feather banner stands are located in a place that will maximize their visibility.  This will ensure a maximum number of potential customers will see your flags resulting in a good deal of increased traffic coming into your store.


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